I must confess...the Dude is not a skinny man by any means. Part of the reason I started this blog was to track my numbers. I hope that my numbers, ie..weight & measurements, continues a downward path until I reach my body's goal weight. Keep in mind that I was nearly 400 lbs at this point in 2010. I was severely unhealthy and on track to surely be dead by 50. While I'm not there yet, I have managed to turn this 18-wheeler around and am headed in the opposite direction. I do not have an ultimate goal weight in mind. I know that for each of us, that number is different. It all depends on where my body happily settles at when I get there. I will be adding in lots of exercise as soon as my back heals itself, possibly some running again I hope too. I would love to run a marathon one day! My journey is simply that..there is no destination on the horizon. While on this journey I am hoping to settle into a nice weight, but more importantly I want my body to feel alive and full of life. I want my mind to be free of negativity and depression and my soul to feel ethereal and boundless. 

So without a final number in mind, I do have numbers to begin with. Every two weeks I am going to post my weight and some measurements to keep track of my progress. This will also be a place where I will confess to any cheating or bad habits I have been doing over the last two weeks as well. Right after Christmas I took my first measurements...

Dec 26th, 2011
Weight: 312 lbs
Body Fat: 39%
Waist (at navel): 53"
Waist (at hip): 47.25"
Chest: 49.25"
Bicep: 17"
Thigh: 26"
Calf: 18"
Neck: 18.5"

Jan 8th, 2012
Weight: 298 lbs 
Body Fat: 38%
Waist (at navel): 52"
Waist (at hip): 46"
Chest: 49"
Bicep: 17"
Thigh: 25.75"
Calf: 17"
Neck: 18"

Cholesterol: 114 total | LDL: 52 | HDL: 28

I will be getting a new full blood workup every 6 months to see how that goes. This last one was completed in mid September of last year. 

So far a 14 lb drop in two weeks is pretty dang good, not to mention that I injured my back during that time and spent a lot of time not very sedentary. I haven't weighed this low since the summer after I graduated High School! That's 18 years ago! 

I did slip up once. I sometimes go by taco bell and get two bean burritos with no cheese and extra red sauce when I'm in a rush. This time I went and tried that new beefy crunch burrito. I subbed beans for the beef and got it without sour cream or cheese. They failed to mention that it has a nacho cheese sauce on it. Though I figure if one says no cheese...it means no nacho cheese sauce too. Anyways, I bit into it and realized there was cheese on it. I was already home and too lazy to drive back and replace it, so I ate it. I felt bad afterwards and it really did nothing for me at all. I thought the whole thing was rather disgusting. The rest of my diet has been 100% vegan though. I am having some issues with snacks. I've been eating a lot of nuts and some processed foods through the day, but would like to try some other things that are more clean and fresh. If anyone has any helpful tips or ideas for quick, easy and tasty vegan snacks I'd love to hear them. 

That's it.. See you in 2 for more numbers..

Dude out....

Posted by Tim Cleary on Sunday, January 8, 2012
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